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E6610A Remote Radio Head Tester, 700 MHz to 2.7 GHz

Product Status: Discontinued | Currently Supported
This product is no longer available

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Key Features & Specifications

The best value for price and performance for LTE Remote Radio Head (RRH) manufacturing test

  • Comprehensive one-box solution including a Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI) and Tx/RX paths
  • Two Tx/Rx paths for a fraction of the cost of other solutions with only 1 channel
  • Send and receive digital IQ data to and from the RRH using CPRI optical connection
  • Signal generation and analysis software options for LTE FDD & TDD

RRH Tester optimized for manufacturing

  • Accelerate testing and increase yield by testing parallel RRHs with the E6610A’s two Tx and Rx paths or synchronize multiple boxes together.
  • SCPI interface for automated test
  • Small 1U form factor makes it ideal for a small footprint on your manufacturing floor and for multi-channel test applications
  • A low cost test solution finds the perfect point where price meets performance and allows you to keep your cost of test at a minimum


Cellular base stations architectures continue to evolve towards employing remote radio head (RRH) connected to the baseband unit via a CPRI optical link. Existing RRH test systems have historically required customized, “home-brewed” test setups that are difficult to support. The E6610A provides a very cost-effective, off-the-shelf solution that covers many of the key RF measurements and the CPRI optical interface all in a single unit. Significantly, it provides a 2 channel RRH test solution, for the less than half the cost of alternative 1 channel solutions today. The small form factor, comprehensive solution is ideal for manufacturing environments and to lower the cost of test while increasing yield.

Drive down your total cost of test

  • Receive twice as many Tx and RX channels for a fraction of the cost of other 1-channel RRH test solutions
  • Integrated CPRI interface removes the need for you to create your own solution, which saves time and shortens your time to first measurement
  • Accelerate yield through parallel testing of your RRHs. Synchronize multiple boxes together while still keeping cost down; 2 systems provides 4 channels at about the same cost as a traditional 1-channel solution

Comprehensive RRH Test Solution

  • CPRI interface simulates the baseband unit (BBU) sending the IQ data to the RRH for conversion to RF and uplink/downlink test
  • Generation: N5121A or N5122A waveform files, user files, or Signal Studio
  • Analysis: N5121A or N5122A SW, export IQ data as CSV files for use in other SW
  • Perform receiver bit error rate (BER) testing using the optional software option

Confidently validate your LTE design and efficiently test in production using one platform

  • Multiple Tx & Rx (2x2) enable parallel testing and test for MIMO antennas up to 60 MHz bandwidth