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Configuration typique  

Configuration typique

W2360ET SIPro software time-based license

  • R-37A-001-L 12 months LTU, upgrades and support - node-locked


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Key Features & Specifications

Key benefits of SIPro include:

  • Speed and Accuracy - Unlike hybrid circuit-EM tools that are fast but have limited accuracy, SIPro is based on pure EM technologies that deliver accuracy approaching industry-standard 3D EM solvers. The EM technologies in SIPro are tuned specifically for Signal Integrity (SI) applications, they are much faster and more efficient than general purpose EM tools.
  • Designed for Usability - SIPro shares a common graphical user interface (GUI) in Advanced Design System (ADS) that is architected specifically for SI analysis. Navigating and setting up EM simulations on complex PCBs is made fast and simple with a net-driven use model. With the high-capacity solver in SIPro, it is no longer necessary to spend hours manually simplifying designs, such as cookie-cutting and removing layers and nets, that is typically done with general purpose EM tools. Also, setting up EM ports and solver settings is much more automated than in general purpose EM tools.
  • Cohesive Work Flow - With one common environment for both SI and PI analyses, one setup can be easily copied from one analysis-type to another. Resulting EM models transfer seamlessly back to schematic for futher simulation with Transient and Channel simulators. This flow eliminates the need to switch between different point tools, saving valuable engineering time.


The W2360ET is the time-based license option for the W2360EP SIPro Signal Integrity EM Analysis Element.

To learn more about the W2360EP, click the Options & Accessories tab above to view Related Software Products.

Introduction to SIPro Video

Click the image above to view a demonstration of the workflow in ADS for SI and PI applications.

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