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The ADS Core, TransConv, Channel, IT, Bundle is recommended for the signal integrity analysis of high-speed digital links, prior to layout. It enables the user to explore early link designs, sweeping parameters to evaluate and optimize transmitter and receiver settings, substrate stack-up design and routing choices for transmission lines, together with modeling of the interconnects. In this manner the user can determine the performance margin of the link. This feature set is also powerful for system verification, where S-parameter data for the channel (derived from measurement or electromagnetic simulation) is imported and available to use.

This bundle does not contain Electromagnetic (EM) simulation technology for SI and PI design tasks. Please refer to W2223BP/BT for applications where EM simulation is required.

The ADS Core, TransConv, Channel, IT, Bundle functionality is shown in the table below.

Functionality in this Bundle
Model Number Name Description
W2200BP ADS Core Provides essential RF and microwave design capabilities in a highly productive enterprise schematic design environment. Fast linear simulation, comprehensive filter and passive circuit synthesis.
W2302EP Transient Convolution and Channel Simulation Element Advanced time-domain simulator that includes High-Frequency SPICE simulation, Convolution and Channel Simulation for high-speed serial links using netlists, IBIS & IBIS-AMI models. Additionally includes Signal Integrity verification toolkit, and the Broadband SPICE model generator utility.
W2307EP Interconnect Toolbox Element The Interconnect Toolbox Element enables you to optimize your PCB stack up and design transmission line geometry. It also provides a high accuracy via design simulator which helps you to design a parameterized, impedance-matched via transition (single-ended and differential).

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