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Key Features & Specifications

  • Measurements: TDR (linear rho), TDR (ohm)


Using FieldFox’s vector voltmeter mode (VVM), the phase shift and electrical length of a device can be measured. You can view the results on the large display as far as ten feet or three meters away. VVM also provides ratio measurements of magnitude and phase of two channels, A/B and B/A. You can use this capability to verify the magnitude and phase differences between multiple signal paths such as in a phased-array antenna system.

FieldFox offers the key functionalities of the HP 8508A, in a handheld form-factor, and without the need for the bridge and accessories required with the HP 8508A. 

Configuration information:

  • N995xA with Option 308: 1-port cable trimming
  • N995xA with Options 308 and 210: 1-port cable trimming, 2-port transmission
  • N995xA with Options 308, 210, and 211: 1-port cable trimming, 2-port transmission, A/B and B/A
  • Note: A/B and B/A measurements require an external source

Option 308 can be added as a product upgrade.