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M9217A PXIe Isolated Digitizer, 2-channels, 16-bit, ±256 V, 32 Msa/Ch memory

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Single PXIe slot digitizer
  • ± 256 V input voltage
  • 2 isolated, simultaneously sampled channels in one PXIe slot
  • 20 MSa/s sampling rate at 16-bit resolution
  • Built-in 400 V peak voltage protection
  • 32 MSa/channel memory


The M9217A PXIe digitizer is a single slot, 2 isolated input channels, supporting up to ±256 V and sampling rate of 20 MSa/s and 16-bit resolution.

With input voltage up to ±256 V, the M9217A eliminates the need for expensive input signal attenuation and signal conditioning circuitry, saving test development time and money.
The M9217A’s individually isolated 2-channel inputs have been designed for high performance with an A/D converter per channel for simultaneous measurement.

The M9217A has 32 MSa/channel with segmented memory of up to 1024 records and this allows for multiple burst of data without the need for re-initialization.

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