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TS-8989 Automotive Body and Safety Test Reference Solution

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Key Features & Specifications


  • Integrated one box test solution with 8-slot PXI chassis and 11 slot modular switch and load unit
  • Supports high current switching of up to 40 A with flyback protection
  • Multiple sensor emulation of up to +30 V with 20 mA current source, including a forced current test that can source up to 100V / 20mA or 16V / 200mA
  • Support for device under test (DUT) of up to 100 test nodes

Application and software

  • The reference solution provides the required input signals, such as force sensors, position sensors, discrete switches, etc. for body and safety control units
  • The output drive signals from body control units, in driving motors, relays or actuators can all be measured with ease using the load cards from the reference solution, no need to develop current sensing circuitries, all of this has been designed into the load card design
  • In managing all this, the reference solution includes Keysight’s TestExec SL, a customizable and flexible test executive, supported by a library of pre-defined routines for measurements and tests of automotive electronics tests
  • This enables test engineers to quickly create a test plan and sequencing from this library of over 250 routines eg. actions for generating wheel speed sensor signals


The Keysight automotive Body and Safety test reference solution is a complete off-the-shelf hardware and software solution for manufacturers of automotive body and safety electronics that need to accelerate their electronic functional test system development, integration and deployment by providing them a cost effective, ready to go solution that is flexible with a typical shelf life of 10 years and global support.