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Key Features & Specifications


  • AWG with the highest combination of speed, bandwidth and channel density
  • High channel density: 1, 2 or 4 channels per AXIe module (number of channels is software upgradeable)
  • Built-in frequency and phase response calibration for clean output signals
  • External clock in & out


  • Sample rate up to 92 GSa/s, 8-bit vertical resolution
  • 32 GHz analog bandwidth
  • Amplitude up to 1 Vpp(se) (2 Vpp(diff.), voltage window -1.0 to +2.5 V
  • Supporting signals up to 64 GBaud and beyond
  • 512 kSa of waveform memory per channel
  • Ultra-low intrinsic jitter
  • Transition times < 9 ps (20% to 80%), with frequency response compensation
  • Multi-functions with M8070A System Software for M8000 Series BER Test Solutions


New Arbitrary Waveform Generator with the highest combination of speed, bandwidth and channel density.
92 GSa/s sample rate supporting signals up to 64 GBaud on 4 channels in a 1-slot AXIe module - simultaneously.

Key Applications

200 G, 400 G and 1 Terabit applications demand a new class of generator that simultaneously provides high speed, precision, and flexibility.

  • Optical communications (LR4, CFP2-ACO, Coherent, etc.) - 4 synchronized channels allow deterministic emulation and pre-distortion of 2 independent I/Q baseband signals up to 64 GBaud
  • Receiver stress test - particularly for multi-level, multi-channel interfaces (NRZ, PAM4, PAM8, DMT, etc.) up to 64 GBaud
  • Quantum physics and advanced research - generate any mathematically defined arbitrary waveforms, ultra-short yet precise pulses and extremely wideband chirps
  • Random interference (RI) and Sinusoidal interference (SI) - works in conjunction with M8020A and or M8040A modules. Operate with M8070A BER System control software.

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