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81195A Optical Modulation Generator Software

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Generates dual I/Q signals (BPSK …. QAM256) with flexible signal parameters (e.g. pulse shape, delay) from up to 8 GSym per I/Q pair
  • High symbol rate signals up to 50 GBaud with M8196A, up to 75 GBaud with M8196A and up to 100 GBaud with M8194A
  • Option RSP (real-time signal processing) in conjunction with the M8195A enables to change the signal parameters (e.g. pulse shape, delay) on the fly at runtime, without the need to download a new waveform
  • Option OSP in conjunction with the M8195A, M8196A or the M8194A provides the ability to synthesize optical signal properties:
    - Phase noise (laser line width)
    - Polarization control (polarization rotation > 1000 krad/s)
    - Static polarization mode dispersion (PMD) up to 218 ps (differential group delay) and > 11,000 ps2 (2nd order PMD)
    - With option RSP in conjunction with the M8195A the optical signal properties can be changed in real-time


The Optical Modulation Generator Software 81195A introduces a new approach to optical test. Combined with the M8195A AWG it speeds up your test by a factor of up to 100 with its unique real-time mode.
This helps design engineers of long-haul, metro and data-center interconnect coherent optical transmission applications to maximize test efficiency and thus reduce development time and cost.

The 81195A generates dual-I/Q signals for polarization-multiplexed coherent signal transmission test with defined signal parameters and optical signal properties.
In conjunction with the M8195A 4-channel AWG it generates transmission signals with up to 32 GBaud and up to 8 GSym per channel using a single M8195A module in real-time encoding mode (option RSP).
The option OSP allows the user to deterministically emulate optical signal properties and receiver stress conditions (incl. phase noise, polarization rotation and polarization mode dispersion) on the M8195A, the M8196A or the M8194A AWG.
In combination with option RSP, the parameters of these signal properties can be changed on the fly on the M8195A, without the need to download a new waveform.

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