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M9161D PXI Solid State Dual SP4T Switch Module, 50 MHz to 20 GHz

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Key Features & Specifications

Application-focused specifications

  • Fast switching speed with an ultra-long cycle life, reduces total cost of test
  • Unmatched isolation 100 dB at 6 GHz, minimizes cross talk in high density ATE systems
  • Broadband from DC to 20 GHz fits most communication and aerospace/defense applications


  • Route RF and microwave signals in automated test applications
  • Flexibility to build switch matrix as desired, hence a low cost solution
  • Peace of mind in switch technology from Keysight who has a proven record for providing versatile, quality switches

Performance characteristics

  • Long life cycles
  • Fast switching speed of 60 us
  • Unmatched isolation and low insertion loss


The Keysight M9161D is a one slot PXI Dual SP4T Solid State switch module. The M9161D provides unmatched ultra-long cycle life, fast switching speed and high isolation, all within a single slot enclosure.