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Key Features & Specifications

  • Decomposition of vertical noise into constituent components: Random Noise (RN),Periodic Interference (PI), Deterministic Interference (dual dirac model) (DI), and Data Dependent Interference or Intersymbol Interference (ISI)
  • Estimation of Total Interference (TI) to a specified bit error ratio
  • Cumulative average of high (one) and low (zero) levels
  • Tabular results of all measured quantities
  • Graphical results of: Intersymbol interference per bit, RN/PI histogram, total (composite) interference histogram, bathtub curve (measured and extrapolated), and interference frequency spectrum
  • Settable location in the user interface for vertical analysis
  • Scope noise compensation, choose between: Measure noise directly and user input value
  • Arbitrary or periodic data patterns, and a setup wizard for robust setup


The Keysight noise decomposition software provides statistical analysis of high speed digital interfaces in the vertical (voltage) domain. It is complementary to the horizontal (time) analysis that the EZJIT Plus jitter decomposition software (N5400B) has accurately provided for years. Now for the first time, real-time oscilloscopes can analyze both domains statistically with measured results that matter.