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5G Waveform Generation and Analysis Testbed, Reference Solution

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Key Features & Specifications


  • Generate and analyze 3GPP 5G New Radio, pre-5G (5GTF), and custom OFDMA waveforms
  • High performance configurations for R&D and Design Validation, and cost effective solutions for Manufacturing
  • Metrology grade, industry validated reference solution for debugging and troubleshooting


  • Factory calibrated to front panel connector at all frequencies, amplitudes, and bandwidths. Typical 1% EVM in 1 GHz bandwidth at 28 GHz
  • Generate phase coherent, 2-channel, 2 GHz BW signals up to 44 GHz
  • Analyze phase coherent, 4-channel, 110 GHz BW signals from DC to 110 GHz

Measurement applications and software

  • N7631C Signal Studio Pro for 5G NR creates sub-6 GHz and millimeter-wave 5GNR waveforms. (Also, N7630C for pre-5G, N7608C for custom IQ and OFDM)
  • 89600 VSA software to demodulate NR and pre-5G waveforms (option BHN), custom IQ (BHK), and custom OFDM (BHF) waveforms
  • Import test-fixture S-parameters into generator or analyzer to move calibration plane from test equipment to device under test
  • KS8000A Test Automation Platform ( allows quick creation of automated test harnesses, for rapid design validation
  • SystemVue W1907BP design software to evaluate system-level 5G NR performance, including beamforming and propagation, with links to Keysight 5G Testbeds


Generate and analyze a variety of standards compliant and custom waveforms, including 3GPP New Radio, pre-5G (5GTF), custom OFDM, and custom IQ. This Reference Solution combines Keysight Technologies software and hardware to provide a flexible testbed for 5G R&D and design validation for 5G waveform generation and analysis.

Choose from several configurations

  • 44 GHz 5G Testbed with spectrum analyzer – enables traditional swept tuned analysis for out of band spurious measurements and demodulation of signals up to 1 GHz BW
  • 44 GHz 5G Testbed with oscilloscope – enables multi-channel demodulation of signals up to 110 GHz BW
  • 110 GHz 5G Testbed, for generation and analysis of signals between 50 – 110 GHz with bandwidths >5 GHz