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Key Features & Specifications


  • Generate and analyze 3GPP 5G New Radio, pre-5G (5GTF), and custom OFDMA waveforms
  • High performance configurations for R&D and Design Validation, and cost effective solutions for Manufacturing
  • Metrology grade, industry validated reference solution for debugging and troubleshooting


  • Factory calibrated to front panel connector at all frequencies, amplitudes, and bandwidths. Typical 1% EVM in 1 GHz bandwidth at 28 GHz
  • Generate phase coherent, 2-channel, 2 GHz BW signals up to 44 GHz
  • Analyze phase coherent, 4-channel, 110 GHz BW signals from DC to 110 GHz


Keysight’s 5G R&D Test Bed leverages Keysight’s VXG Microwave Signal Generator and UXA Series Signal Analyzer to validate the performance of 5G NR base stations (gNBs) according to the latest 3GPP 38.141 standards. This flexible solution for waveform generation and analysis offers:

  • wide 2GHz bandwidth for 5G NR multi-component carrier waveform generation
  • excellent measurement system performance for 3GPP compliant 5G NR 256 QAM modulation schemes down to 1% EVM @28 GHz
  • 5G NR band coverage of up to 44GHz in FR2

This 5G R&D test bed supports Keysight’s industry-leading UXR Series Infiniium 110GHz Real-Time Oscilloscope for direct analysis of complex 5G NR waveforms in the time domain.

It can be optionally configured using Keysight’s UXA series 110GHz analyzer for 5G NR waveform analysis in the frequency domain. Coupled with Keysight’s N7631C Signal Studio Pro signal generation software and 89600 VSA demodulation software and Keysight’s KS8000A Test Automation Platform , this 5G R&D Test Bed provides powerful analysis and deep insights into the Over-The-Air (OTA) performance of your 5G NR gNB, MIMO phased array antennas and beamforming mmWave antenna arrays.

Measurement applications and software

  • N7631C Signal Studio Pro for 5G NR to create sub-6GHz and mmWave 3GPP compliant waveforms
  • 89600 VSA software to demodulate 5G NR, pre-5G waveforms (option BHN), custom IQ (BHK), and custom OFDM (BHF) waveforms
  • Import test-fixture S-parameters into generator or analyzer to move calibration plane from test equipment to device under test
  • KS8000A Test Automation Platform allows quick creation of automated test harnesses, for rapid design validation
  • SystemVue W1907BP Electronic System Level (ESL) design software to evaluate system-level 5G NR performance, including beamforming and propagation, with links to Keysight 5G R&D and DVT Test Bed and mmWave Test-beds

Configuration options:

  • 5G R&D Test Bed using Keysight’s UXA signal analyzer configuration for signal analysis up to 44 GHz
  • 5G R&D Test Bed with UXR Infiniium Oscilloscope for multi-channel analysis up to 44 GHz
  • Emerging mmWave Test Bed for generation and analysis of mmWave signals between 50 GHz – 110 GHz with bandwidths >5 GHz