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N5393E PCI Express® Electrical Performance Validation and Compliance Software

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Key Features & Specifications


  • Test setup wizard guides you through test selection, configuration, connection, execution, and results reporting
  • Measurement connection setups are displayed, and oscilloscope setup is automatically configured for each test
  • Test results report documents test configuration, measurements made, pass/fail status, margin analysis, and waveforms
  • A switching solution is available for automated multilane testing

Standards supported

  • PCI Express® 1.0, 1.1, TX compliance tests and PCI Express® 1.1, 2.0, and 3.0 reference clock tests (20 GSa/s sample rate required)
  • Wide range of electrical tests are performed, significantly more than SigTest
  • Consistent results with SigTest for 1.0a, 1.1 analysis
  • Supports de-embedding of test fixtures and cables with the optional InfiniiSim waveform transformation toolset


  • PCI-SIG® compliance test fixtures
  • Serial Data Analysis
  • InfiniiSim waveform transformation toolset (optional)
  • PrecisionProbe oscilloscope cable and probe correction (optional)


  • Use the User Defined Application tool to:
  • Create and fully integrate custom tests, configuration variables, and connection instructions
  • Insert external application calls into the run sequence, such as MATLAB scripts or your device controller
  • Configure additional external instruments used in your test suite


The PCI Express electrical performance validation and compliance software provides you with a fast and easy way to verify and debug your PCI Express designs. The PCI Express electrical test software allows you to automatically execute PCI Express electrical checklist tests, and it displays the results in a flexible report format. In addition to the measurement data, the report provides a margin analysis that shows how closely your device passed or failed each test.

The PCI Express electrical test software incorporates the PCI-SIG’s SigTest Dynamic Link Library (DLL) in order to provide consistency with results using the standalone version of SigTest.

The PCI Express electrical performance validation and compliance software performs a wide range of electrical tests as per the PCI Express 1.0a, 1.1*, for new silicon, add-in cards, and motherboard systems as documented in section 4 of the base specification and section 4 of the Card Electromechanical specification. In addition to full swing (800 mV) testing, the software also supports testing for low-power, half-swing devices (400 mV) as per the PCI Express Architecture Mobile Graphics Low-Power Addendum to the PCI Express Base Specification Revision 1.0.

The PCI Express electrical performance validation and compliance software requires the high-speed serial data analysis software, one of the PCI-SIG approved compliance test fixtures (CBB2 or CLB2 or CLB3), a select Infiniium oscilloscope, and at least two SMA/SMP cables or InfiniiMax active differential probes. Some of the measurements cannot be made with the PCI-SIG compliance test fixtures and may require you to build or acquire a custom test fixture.