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M9451A PXIe Measurement Accelerator

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Typical Configuration  

Typical Configuration

M9451A Measurement Acceleration Module

  • R-55A-001-1 KeysightCare Assured First Year Support
  • M9451A-DPD Digital Pre-Distortion and Envelope Tracking Gateware
  • R-51B-001-C Return to Keysight Warranty - 1 year


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Key Features & Specifications

  • Hardware acceleration provides 20x DPD/ET speed improvement over Keysight’s host-based RF PA/FEM Characterization & Test, Reference Solution
  • Closed/open loop digital pre-distortion (DPD) and envelope tracking (ET) measurements can be made in tens of milliseconds. Reduce overall test time to < 70 ms.
  • Trusted DPD/ET algorithms built on years of close cooperation with leading wireless manufacturing customers
  • Peer-to-peer connectivity with Keysight M9381A PXIe Vector Signal Generator, M9391A PXIe Vector Signal Analyzer, and M9393A PXIe Performance Vector Signal Analyzer
  • Altera Stratix V “A7” FPGA with 4 GB DDR3 memory


The M9451A PXIe Measurement Accelerator combined with Option DPD Digital Pre-Distortion & Envelope Tracking Gateware shows what is possible when you combine state of the art FPGA’s with Keysight’s trusted measurement expertise and PXIe’s high speed data handling. As part of Keysight’s RF PA/FEM Characterization & Test, Reference Solution, this combination provides unprecedented performance for demanding envelope tracking and digital pre-distortion measurements required for testing modern power amplifiers (PAs) and front-end modules (FEMs). Hardware acceleration provides better than 20x speed improvement over Keysight’s previous host-based Reference Solution, with closed/open loop digital pre-distortion (DPD) and envelope tracking (ET) measurements taking just tens of milliseconds and overall measurement times less than 70 ms.

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