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M9709A AXIe High-Speed Digitizer/DAQ, 8-bit, 1 GS/s, 32-ch

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Key Features & Specifications


  • Advanced research large scale experiments in hydrodynamics, plasma fusion (Tokamak/Stellarator), particle physics, or microwave astronomy
  • Multi-channel experiments


  • 32 channels of DC to 500 MHz input frequency range, 8-bit resolution
  • Up to 1 GS/s sampling rate
  • Multi-module processing synchronization
  • On-board FPGAs for real time processing


Based on the AXIe standard  the M9709A is an 8-bit digitizer, able to capture signals from DC up to 500 MHz at 1 GS/s with excellent measurement accuracy across 32 synchronous channels within a single card. The digitizer also enables long acquisitions with its very large on-board memory of up to 16 GB.

The multi-module processing synchronization allows building a system with up to three M9709A High-Speed Digitizers in a M9505A, 5-slot AXIe chassis. This configuration offers a modular acquisition of up to 96 channels, whilst maintaining phase coherence across all channels.

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