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Y1214B Air Inlet Kit: M9018B and M9019A

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Starting From US$ 134

Typical Configuration  

Typical Configuration

Y1214B Air Inlet Kit: M9018A/B and M9019A


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Key Features & Specifications

  • Allows the system designer to decide how best to cool the M9018B and M9019A PXIe chassis
  • Provides more design flexibility than any other PXI chassis
  • The Y1214B Air Inlet Kit replaces the Y1214A Air Inlet Kit – the Y1214A Air Inlet Kit is only compatible with M9018A chassis with serial numbers TW54340000 and before.


The Y1214B Air Inlet Kit can be used to supply additional cooling air from the front of the chassis so that this air is directed to other slots. These air inlet modules utilize the unique cooling design of the M9018B and M9019A PXIe chassis The kit is not supported in any other PXI chassis and may actually decrease cooling capacity in other PXI chassis. Requires some assembly.