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Typical Configuration  

Typical Configuration

W1907BT 5G Forward Baseband Verification bundle software time-based license

  • R-37B-001-L 12 months LTU, upgrades and support - node-locked


Prices for: United States

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  • W1461BT SystemVue Comms Architect W1461BT SystemVue Comms Architect 

    W1461BT SystemVue Comms Architect

    Core system design physical layer (PHY) environment in the SystemVue product family

  • W1462BT SystemVue FPGA Architect W1462BT SystemVue FPGA Architect 

    W1462BT SystemVue FPGA Architect

    Adds Fixed-point hardware-true simulation models and a VHDL/Verilog hardware implementation path for the SystemVue environment.

  • W1464BT SystemVue RF System Architect W1464BT SystemVue RF System Architect 

    W1464BT SystemVue RF System Architect

    Adds spectral domain RF block simulator and a frequency planning tool to SystemVue.

  • W1465BT SystemVue System Architect W1467BT SystemVue Array Architect 

    W1467BT SystemVue Array Architect

    • General system-level modeling and design with SystemVue
    • RF System Architecture support for RF transceiver design
    • Phased Array / Beamforming support for Dataflow and RF System simulators

  • W1465BT SystemVue System Architect W1465BT SystemVue System Architect 

    W1465BT SystemVue System Architect

    Adds fixed-point hardware-true simulation models and a VHDL/Verilog hardware implementation path to the SystemVue environment.

  • W1715 SystemVue MIMO Channel Builder W1715ET SystemVue MIMO Channel Builder 

    W1715ET SystemVue MIMO Channel Builder

    Models WINNER and WINNER-II MIMO channel fading effects, for realistic physical layer studies of 4G system architectures.

  • no image available W1906ET 5G Baseband Verification Library 

    W1906ET 5G Baseband Verification Library

    The W1906EP 5G Baseband Verification Library provides ready-to-use reference signal processing IP for 5G technology research especially in multi-antenna system design with advanced modem technology and mmWave channel modeling.

  • no image available W1906BEL 5G Baseband Exploration Library 

    W1906BEL 5G Baseband Exploration Library

    • Accelerate Physical Layer (PHY) design process with a superior modeling environment
    • Save time with a trusted, independent IP reference from Keysight
    • Validate BB & RF integration early, reducing project risk
    • Reduce functional verification and NRE in R&D, with a streamlined process

  • no image available W1906EP 5G Baseband Verification Library 

    W1906EP 5G Baseband Verification Library

    • Multi-antenna system architectures
    • Modified 3GPP 3D channel model supporting mmWave channel characteristics
    • Advanced reference baseband modeling IP supporting various 5G candidate waveform technologies
    • Multi-channel RF behavioral model

  • W1916 3G Baseband Verification Library W1916ET 3G Baseband Verification Library 

    W1916ET 3G Baseband Verification Library

    An optional Keysight SystemVue simulation reference library intended for makers of multi-format radios, to enable support for existing commercial wireless standards.