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Prices for: Malaysia

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Integrated applications server installs easily into rear expansion slot
  • Order with new instrument or as customer-installable upgrade (E7515AU-S01)
  • Conveniently run complementary software applications such as Wireless Test Manager (WTM), Message Editor, protocol logging and analysis, and E6966B IMS-SIP client/server
  • 4-core 2.1 GHz Intel i7, 8 GB memory
  • Includes Windows 7 and 4-port USB hub


The E7515A/AU-S01 internal applications server is an embedded PC board that can be plugged into one of the UXM's rear expansion slots to host complementary software such as an IMS-SIP server/client application. The E7515A-S01 is pre-installed into the UXM if ordered together with the test set, or the board can be ordered and installed as an upgrade at a later date. The E7515AU-S01 upgrade kit is customer-installable.

The UXM Getting Started Guide (available at provides details on which complementary software applications (such as the E6966B IMS-SIP, E6730A-MTP message editor, Wireless Test Manager (WTM), and protocol logging and analysis) are recommended for use on the internal applications server, and under what configurations.