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Key Features & Specifications

  • Frequency-offset sweep
  • External signal source control
  • Fixed IF/RF measurement
  • Scalar mixer measurement mode (SMC)
  • Vector mixer characterization (VMC)


The Keysight E5080A option 009 Frequency Offset Mode offers the solutions for measuring mixers/frequency converters and amplifier’s harmonics. The frequency offset mode (FOM) provides the capability to tune the ENA’s receivers to different frequencies from the source. This enables measuring amplifier’s harmonic responses and mixer/converter’s conversion loss. In addition, the E5080A-009 includes two software applications for measuring mixers and converters more precisely and easily. The scalar mixer measurement mode (SMC) provides the advanced calibration that enables match corrected conversion loss measurements, along with the intuitive tab-based GUI that makes it easy to configure measurements. The vector mixer characterization (VMC) allows you to measure the mixer’s phase or group delay by characterizing a reference mixer that is connected in series with the mixer under test and mathematically de-embedded.

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