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N4230A SMA Breakout Board for U4432A Probe

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  • no image available U4433A Differential Probe, ZIF Flying Leads 

    U4433A Differential Probe, ZIF Flying Leads

    • Measure signals with as little as 100mV differential amplitude
    • Connects to target with N5426A (12 GHz BW InfiniiMax II ZIF tips)
    • Application requires one U4433A per direction (Tx and Rx)

  • no image available U4432A SMA cable, MIPI M-PHY Analyzer Probe 

    U4432A SMA cable, MIPI M-PHY Analyzer Probe

    • Single probe connects both Tx and Rx data paths.
    • Support for 4 differential M-PHY channels
    • Supports up to HS Gear 3 data rates (6 Gbps)

  • no image available U4431A MIPI M-PHY Protocol Analyzer 

    U4431A MIPI M-PHY Protocol Analyzer

    • View single or multiple MIPI M-PHY busses in one interface
    • Deep memory to capture long periods of system traffic
    • Powerful triggers to isolate errors and detailed traffic conditions