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Key Features & Specifications

  • Scalar measurement of long-lossy cables
  • Scalar measurement of converters using frequency-offset
  • Measurements: gain/loss (B/R), input power (R), output power (B)
  • Requires two FieldFoxes, each configured with the ERTA option, and accessories
  • ERTA system frequency is limited by each analyzer’s frequency range (14 GHz for a pair of N9916As)
  • Typical gain/loss (B/R) measurement uncertainty: ± 0.6 dB (f ≤ 14 GHz, frequency references locked to GPS)
  • Typical dynamic range: 83 dB (f ≤ 14 GHz, frequency references locked to GPS)
  • Typical maximum measurable attenuation: 103 dB (f ≤ 14 GHz, frequency references locked to GPS)


ERTA can be used to measure the scalar transmission gain or loss of an RF system. It is useful when measuring long lossy cables where the two ends cannot easily be brought together, such as those bolted in on ships or aircrafts. It is also useful in measuring the insertion loss of waveguide systems, or using the frequency-offset feature, devices such as mixers and converters.

ERTA measurements are based on two FieldFoxes; one at each end of the measured DUT. One FieldFox is the source and reference receiver (R), while the other is the measurement receiver (B). The two FieldFoxes are synchronized using hardware triggering. By taking advantage of FieldFox’s InstAlign technique, ERTA can be used to make accurate gain or loss measurements.

Configuration information

Pre-requisite options: 210 (VNA transmission/reflection) and 233 (spectrum analyzer)
Recommended options: 235 (preamplifier) and 307 (GPS receiver)
An ERTA measurement system requires two FieldFoxes and various accessories. See the FieldFox Configuration Guide for detailed ordering information.

This option can be added as a product upgrade.