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DSOXT3APPBNDL Application bundle for InfiniiVision 3000T X-Series oscilloscopes

Product Status: Discontinued | Currently Supported
This product is no longer available

A replacement for this product is available:

Key Features & Specifications

  • Application bundle enables multiple options at once
  • Digital voltmeter (DVM) and educators training kit already included standard on 3000T X-Series oscilloscopes


REPLACEMENT PRODUCT: This product has been replaced by package D3000BDLA. This replacement enables multiple software options at once.

Purchase option DSOXT3APPBNDL to enable all of the InfiniiVision 3000T X-Series software applications listed below. View the Options and Accessories tab for details on each application.

  • DSOX3AERO A/D trigger and decode (MIL-STD 1553/ARINC 429)
  • DSOX3AUDIO Audio serial trigger and analysis (I²S)
  • DSOXT3AUTO Automotive trigger and analysis (CAN/CAN-dbc/CAN FD/LIN)
  • DSOX3COMP Computer trigger and analysis (RS232/UART)
  • DSOX3EMBD Embedded trigger and analysis (I²C/SPI)
  • DSOX3FLEX FlexRay trigger and analysis
  • DSOXT3CXPI CXPI trigger and analysis
  • DSOX3MASK Mask limit testing
  • DSOXT3NRZ User-definable Manchester/NRZ trigger and analysis
  • DSOX3PWR Power measurements
  • DSOXT3FRA Frequency Response Analysis (FRA)
  • DSOXT3SENSOR SENT (Single Edge Nibble Transmission) trigger and analysis
  • DSOX3VID Video trigger and analysis
  • DSOX3WAVEGEN Integrated 20 MHz function/arbitrary waveform generator
  • DSOXT3NFC NFC trigger and automated test software
  • DSOXT3UPD USB Power Delivery (USB PD) trigger and analysis