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Prices for: United States

* Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices shown are Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP). Prices shown are exclusive of taxes.

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N1501A-001 Walnut box US$ 263
N1501A-002 Probe stand US$ 431
N1501A-003 Probe Stand Bracket US$ 74
N1501A-004 ECal Bracket - Connects optional ECal module to Probe Stand Bracket. US$ 210
N1501A-005 10mm Holder and Key Set - connects Performance Probe and Slim Form Holder to Probe Stand Bracket. US$ 578
N1501A-006 Type-N (male) to 3.5mm (male) Adapter US$ 210
N1501A-101 High temperature probe kit US$ 6,775
N1501A-102 Slim form probe kit US$ 4,065
N1501A-103 Slim form replenishment kit US$ 2,089
N1501A-104 Performance probe US$ 6,775
N1501A-201 20 GHz high-temperature cable US$ 2,710
N1501A-202 20 GHz flexible cable US$ 1,723
N1501A-203 50 GHz flexible cable US$ 3,857

Prices are subject to change without notice.

R-51B-001-C Return to Keysight Warranty - 1 year US$ 0

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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