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  • ADS Bundles 

    ADS Bundles

    • Core environment bundle, a powerful RF and microwave design tool 
    • Pre-configured combinations of software targeted to specific design workflows
    • Users can add separate design elements to expand design and simulation capability

  • ADS Simulation Elements 

    ADS Simulation Elements

    • Provide additional capabilities to the ADS Core environment
    • Enable designers to customize the configuration of ADS to suit their design needs
    • Provide an affordable and flexible way to expand design and simulation capabilities

  • W2361 W2309EP DDR Bus Simulator 

    W2309EP DDR Bus Simulator

    • Rigorous DQ and DQS eye calculations to arbitrarily low BER levels without precarious extrapolation
    • Comprehensive margin measurements versus JEDEC DDR4 Rx mask at target BER
    • Mix-and-match between built-in, IBIS and circuit models of driver and receiver
    • Captures asymmetry between rise and fall edges

  • ADS Wireless Libraries 

    ADS Wireless Libraries

    • Key models and verification templates for the latest communication standards
    • Enables design and verification of the RF-PHY for the latest emerging wireless standards
    • On the leading edge for providing wireless standards

  • W2302 W2317EP DDR Bus Simulator Distributed Computing 8-Pack 

    W2317EP DDR Bus Simulator Distributed Computing 8-Pack

    • Accelerates parameter sweeps for DDR Bus Simulator simulations
    • Supports computing clusters that are running Linux with either Load Sharing Facility (LSF) or Sun Grid Engine

  • W2321 W2319EP Silicon RFIC Interoperability w/Virtuoso Element 

    W2319EP Silicon RFIC Interoperability w/Virtuoso Element

    • Enables the use of schematics initially created in Virtuoso within ADS
    • Enables the use of CDF component definitions in an “Interoperable mode” and other OpenAccess compatibility functionalities
    • Works from a baseline Virtuoso PDK with minimal ADS-specific add-ons

  • EMPro 2012.08 Product Release EMPro 2015.01 

    EMPro 2015.01

    • Improved FEM performance, increased robustness, capacity, and speed of FEM mesher & solver
    • FDTD simulator includes improved loss tangent modeling
    • User-defined limit lines & speed and usability improvements
    • Additional enhancements including frequency plan setup improvements

  • GoldenGate RFIC Simulation Software GoldenGate 2015.01 (4.9) 

    GoldenGate 2015.01 (4.9)

    • GoldenGate-in-ADS
    • Simulation Improvements
    • New and updated model support