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Z2095B-400 Aerospace Defense TR Module Test Platform (TRM-X)

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The TRM-X test system provides a standard configurable platform giving the ease of use and flexibility required to reduce TR Module test times without compromising measurement accuracy. It delivers the throughput necessary to meet your high volume production needs, and can be adapted to give you the optimum combination of speed and accuracy.

This test system takes advantage of new measurement technology and instrument capabilities to provide significant improvements over current systems. Comprehensive RF test can now be done faster and with more accurate and repeatable results. The architecture supports significant measurement capability tailored to your exact requirements. Options allow additional measurements, RF calibration verification capability and turn key test software.

  • TR module test solution for multiple transmit receive modules
  • Comprehensive pulsed and non-pulsed measurements
  • Combines accuracy with fast test times
  • Uses Keysight PNA-X network analyzer
  • Manual testing in R&D or automated Production Testing
  • Supports multiple DUT testing
  • Automated test and system calibration software
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