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Typical Configuration  

Typical Configuration

N7021A Probe head - pigtail


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  • N2781B 10 MHz/150 Arms AC/DC Current Probe N7020A Power Rail Probe 

    N7020A Power Rail Probe

    • 1:1 attenuation ratio probe adding on 10% to the baseline noise of the oscilloscope
    • Large +/-24 V offset range
    • 50 kΩ DC input impedance

  • Agilent 1157A Active Oscilloscope probe Image N7023A Power Rail Probe Browser 

    N7023A Power Rail Probe Browser

    • 350 MHz bandwidth
    • 1:1 attenuation ratio
    • SMT clip for hands-free probing of capacitors

  • Agilent 1157A Active Oscilloscope probe Image N7022A Main Cable 

    N7022A Main Cable

    • Constructed of high-quality materials to withstand repeated flexing, twisting and bending
    • 1.2M (48”) length makes for easy connection to the target
    • Has SMA terminations for easy, reliable connection to the N7020A power rail probe