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N9068C Phase Noise Measurement Application, Multi-touch UI

Product Status: Discontinued | Currently Supported
This product is no longer available

A replacement for this product is available:

Key Features & Specifications

The N9068C has been discontinued, it's replacement is the N9068EM0E.

Signal analysis

  • One-touch measurements for analyzing phase noise in frequency domain (log plot) and time domain (spot frequency)
  • Takes advantages of the outstanding UXA’s internal phase noise performance
  • Runs inside UXA, PXA, MXA, EXA and CXA X-Series signal analyzers with multi-touch user interface


  • Log plot: Phase noise view in frequency domain including DANL floor and integrated noise measurements
  • Spot frequency: Phase noise view in time domain including carrier frequency drift measurement
  • Monitor spectrum: Easy-to-use simple spectrum view for a quick check of your signal
  • IQ waveform: Easy-to-use simple time domain view

Other features

  • License key upgradeable
  • Fixed and transportable license available
  • SCPI remote user interface with 100% code compatibility to any other X-Series signal analyzers


The N9068C phase noise measurement application transforms Keysight's X-Series signal analyzers into intuitive phase noise testers with frequency and time domain analysis and multi-touch screen operation.

Phase noise measurements

  • View the phase noise from frequency offset 1 Hz 
  • View the phase noise behavior of the signal under test across decades of offset frequencies with the log plot 
  • Use AM rejection in the log plot so that you observe only the phase component 
  • Characterize phase noise related behaviors from different angles for various applications with multiple markers with various marker functions 
  • Signal Tracking provides a simultaneous view of phase noise and delta frequency in time domain 
  • Working with X-Series signal analyzer and an external mixer, it enables phase noise measurements with the carrier frequency to millimeter-wave and beyond

For more information about phase noise, please visit Phase Noise Measurement.