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Typical Configuration  

Typical Configuration

W2317EP DDR Bus Simulator Distributed Computing 8-pack software license

  • R-35A-001-B Floating single site license
  • R-36A-002-L 12 months upgrades and support - floating single site


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The Advanced Design System (ADS) Double Data Rate (DDR) Bus Simulator Distributed Computing 8-pack accelerates signal integrity batch-mode parameter sweeps on workstations connected to a distributed computing cluster. This combination enables signal integrity designers to run these sweeps six up to eight times faster than on a single compute node of equal performance. The licenses can be “stacked” in packs of eight, yielding even greater speed up. This product (along with the required product W2312 Transient Convolution Distributed Computing 8-pack), speeds up parameter sweeps for three combinations: 1) Batch Simulation Controller with Transient Simulator and 2) Batch Simulation Controller with DDR Bus Simulator 3) Batch Simulation Controller with Channel Simulator.


DDR Batch Simulator

Figure 1. The DDR Bus Simulator Distributed Computing 8-pack is controlled by the Simulation Manager tab of the ADS Simulation Setup menu. This schematic includes parameter sweeps, with Batch Simulation Controller controlling the DDR Bus Simulator.

Note: The DDR Bus Simulator Distributed Computing 8-pack presently only supports a configuration where:

  1. The workstation is running Linux.
  2. The distributed computing nodes are running Linux with either Load Sharing Facility (LSF) or Sun Grid Engine.

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