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U4154B 4 Gb/s State Mode Logic Analyzer Module

Product Status: Discontinued | Currently Supported
This product is no longer available

Key Features & Specifications

State analysis (synchronous sampling)

  • Up to 200M deep
  • Two data rate options: 4 Gb/s on 68 ch with 2.5 Gb/s on 132 ch, or 2.8 Gb/s on 68 ch with 1.4 Gb/s on 132 ch
  • Merge up to three U4154B modules
  • Reliable measurements on eye openings as small as 100 ps by 100 mV

Timing analysis (asynchronous sampling)

  • Up to 200 ps (5 GHz), 400 M sample deep conventional and transitonal timing analysis (2.5 GHz full-channel / 5 GHz half-channel)
  • 12.5 GHz (80 ps) TimingZoom with 256 K memory


The Keysight U4154B logic analyzer module provides reliable measurements on high-speed digital systems operating up to 4 Gb/s with eye openings as small as 100 ps by 100 mV. 12.5 GHz Timing Zoom with 256K sample memory gives you simultaneous state and high-resolution timing measurements covering a time span of 20 us. Eye scan provides an overview of signal integrity information on all channels in a matter of minutes. 200 M samples of available memory ensure you capture enough system activity to troubleshoot complex systems.

The U4154B with the FS2510 DDR4 DIMM interposer from FuturePlus Systems is the industry's first solution proven for validating simultaneous read and write DDR4 traffic across all byte lanes captured from a DDR4 DIMM operating at record-breaking data rates of > 3.3 Gb/s. Other record-breaking data rates include DDR4 at 3.2 Gb/s with the W4633A DDR4 x4/x8 BGA interposer and DDR4 2.4 Gb/s with the FS2514 SODIMM interposer.

Utilizing Keysight specialty probing, the U4154B system is the only logic analyzer solution proven to capture LPDDR4 at 3.2 Gb/s.

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