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Key Features & Specifications

Key features of WaferPro Express 2015.01

  • Already optimized for Cascade Microtech’s Nucleus software, this release adds support for Cascade Microtech’s newest prober control software, Velox 2.0 with WaferSync. Support for Micromanipulators CM300 probe stations is also now included.
  • WaferPro Express now enables Noise Figure measurements with the Keysight PNA-X. This capability is added to the current library that includes over 50 turnkey drivers for most common instruments, GPIB/LAN/USB interfaces and operating systems.
  • When using Cascade Velox 2.0, the test plan setup and execution is more efficient with new features like full wafer map and sub-site table synchronization, email notification, and automated RF calibration checking.
  • Enhanced support for DC parametric measurements with probe cards and switch matrix, including Kelvin measurement modes.
  • Easy import of test routines from IC-CAP .dut and .mdl files.
  • WaferPro Express can now save s2p files, in addition to MDM and SQL database format.
  • This release includes additional examples of turn-key test routines that use Python*/PEL** programming for data monitoring and post-processing.

* Python Programming Language 

** Programming Extraction Language (PEL) is a Keysight’s interpreted language used by the IC-CAP Platform


WaferPro Express Device Modeling SoftwareIntroducing WaferPro Express 2015.01

WaferPro Express is a new software platform specifically designed to efficiently execute automated wafer-level measurements. WaferPro Express helps to reduce wafer-level measurement system complexity and simplifies the everyday task of setting up and executing test plans to analyze measured data. WaferPro Express drives Keysight (and select non-Keysight) instruments as well as prober control software (including temperature control), and provides powerful data handling and display capabilities.

WaferPro Express is also a key component of Wafer-level Measurement Solutions (WMS) from Keysight Technologies and Cascade Microtech. WMS include Keysight instruments and software as well as Cascade Microtech wafer probers, accessories and software. Verification of newly installed WMS systems is performed using the new Keysight Verification Substrate (KVS). Each KVS is fully characterized at the factory and features standard devices that engineers can probe with G-S-G probes after RF calibration. WaferPro Express 2015.01 measures the KVS during initial system verification procedure. Then, by comparing measured and factory data, it certifies the system’s proper operation. To find out more about WMS, refer to Wafer-level Measurement Solutions – Cascade Microtech.

A key breakthrough in WaferPro Express 2015 is its exclusive integration with Cascade Microtech’s Velox 2.0 prober control software. WaferPro Express and Velox 2.0 are integrated through Cascade Microtech’s WaferSync, a jointly developed two-way communication link. The link allows for complete wafer map synchronization, which enables easy and error-free information exchange between the software, including wafer alignment, sites and die information.

To further maximize efficiency during RF measurement, WaferPro Express periodically monitors the stability of the RF calibration. Doing so minimizes the time spent collecting inaccurate data.

Other new features in WaferPro Express 2015 include support for noise figure measurements with the Keysight PNA-X and the ability to import test routines developed using Keysight IC-CAP Modeling and Measurement software.

Below is an overview of two key features of WaferPro Express 2015.01. Additional information and details including new features about WaferPro Express 2015.01 can be found in the WaferPro Express 2015.01 What's New.

WaferPro Express and Velox 2.0

Cascade Microtech’s Velox 2.0 is the new prober control software for Cascade’s semi and fully automated probers (SUMMIT, Elite300 and CM300). WaferPro Express 2015.01 links to Velox 2.0 via WaferSysnc, a LAN based two-way communication link between the two programs. WaferPro Express can either be installed on the Cascade controller PC (Windows 7) or in a separate Windows or LINUX PC.

WaferPro Express and Velox 2.0By using WaferSync, WaferPro Express connects directly to the Velox communication server and this allows for a much greater integration. For example, it is now possible to exchange information between Velox and WaferPro Express wafer maps and subsite tables. Also, WaferPro Express can connect to WinCal and monitor the calibration stability during a long plan execution and if the calibration is no longer accurate, WaferPro Express pauses the test plan and sends an email message to the user so that actions can be taken.

The figure below shows the Velox and WaferPro Express wafer maps. Typically, the user would first execute the wafer alignment in Velox and create a wafer map in the Velox environment. With a click of a button, wafer map information, including die selection, indexing and reference are imported into WaferPro Express and ready to be used for test plan creation.

Synchronization of WaferPro Express and Velow 2.0 Wafer Maps

Figure 1: Synchronization of WaferPro Express and Velox 2.0 wafer maps.

To see WaferPro Express and Velox 2.0 in action, please see the “How to Make Accurate, Automated RF Wafer-level Measurements” video.

Importing Test Routines from IC-CAP

A test routine in WaferPro Express is equivalent to a generic IC-CAP DUT. IC-CAP users may have an extensive library of IC-CAP projects where typical measurement tests have been implemented, including several lines of PEL code to post-process the measured data. With WaferPro 2015.01, it is now possible to fully leverage past IC-CAP work, quickly load these routines and use them in a test plan. A new UI allows user to load IC-CAP MDL or DUT files, select and import specific routines into the WaferPro Express library.

The Select Routines from File dialog allows easy import of IC-CAP routines.

Figure 2: The new “Select Routines from File” dialog allows easy import of IC-CAP routines.

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