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RF PA/FEM Characterization & Test, Reference Solution

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Key Features & Specifications


  • Automated digital pre-distortion and envelope tracking for fast design and characterization
  • Make fast measurements with real-time signal processing
  • Validate wireless standards compliance through power & demodulation measurements
  • Measure full S-parameters of highly complex devices with multiple ports


  • Fast Servo loop convergence: < 3 ms, nominal
  • Fast ACPR measurements: < 500 µs, nominal
  • Fast full 2-port S-parameter measurements: 28 - 33 ms across 401 points, nominal
  • Fast DPD open loop measurement: < 100 ms, nominal

Measurement applications and software

  • Create Keysight validated and performance optimized reference signals in cellular and wireless connectivity formats with Signal Studio.
  • Create Keysight validated and performance optimized power amplifier test flow with crest factor reduction (CFR), envelope tracking (ET) and/or digital pre-distortion (DPD) with Signal Studio for Power Amplifier Test.
  • The X-Series measurement applications for modular instruments transform PXI vector signal analyzers into standards-based RF transmitter testers.
  • Power amplifier test library, test program examples, instrument control library along with a demonstration and evaluation GUI help you to accelerate test development and facilitate the integration in your test environment.

Standard Three-Year Warranty upgradable to Express Warranty

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The RF PA/FEM characterization & test, Reference Solution provides high throughput, measurement quality, and performance for design validation and production test of next generation power amplifiers/front end modules supporting cellular and wireless connectivity formats.

This Reference Solution addresses two key test challenges facing power amplifier (PA) front end module (FEM) manufacturers: reducing cost and increasing data throughput. Both must be done despite the addition of more complex test techniques such as envelope tracking (ET) and digital pre-distortion (DPD) being employed to overcome efficiency issues caused by high peak to average ratio modulation formats. The PXIe VNA enables characterization of the passive components of the FEM enabling full characterization of next generation PAs. 

With the M9451A PXIe Measurement Accelerator, closed/open loop digital pre-distortion and envelope tracking measurements can be made in tens of milliseconds. RF PA/FEM characterization & test, Reference Solution enables rapid, full characterization of next-generation power amplifier modules such as PAD devices, including measurements for S-parameter, demodulation, power, adjacent channel power, and harmonic distortion.

To reduce footprint and cost of production test, the compact configuration with the M9421A PXIe VXT vector transceiver is used for fast power and power servo measurements.

Test code examples have been designed to optimize test throughput without compromising performance, enabling quick evaluation and integration into your test environment.