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Typical Configuration  

Typical Configuration

W2590ET HeatWave Electrothermal Solver software time-based license

  • R-37A-002-L 12 months LTU, upgrades and support - floating single site


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Key Features & Specifications

  • Electrothermal solver works with your circuit simulator to provide temperature-aware simulation results
  • High capacity: can handle large-scale analog/mixed-signal and digital IC designs
  • High precision: provides accurate, device-level temperature data at sub-micron resolution


HeatWave is an IC thermal simulator for chips, and stacked-die SiP. It computes the full-chip temperature profile at the spatial resolution of your devices and interconnect, and annotates this data into your circuit simulator, making your simulation results temperature-accurate. Because the geometric features of power sources and heat conduction paths inside a chip are at the submicron scale, the thermal modeling and numerical solution techniques have to be commensurate with such feature sizes. The simulation results are 3-dimensional temperature profiles with the necessary resolution and accuracy.

HeatWave Electro-Thermal Anaysis Software is available in two configurations; the preferred configuration depends on the type of analysis needed (steady-state versus transient thermal analyses) and the complexity of the design to be modeled (number of devices, e.g., transistors, that are to be modeled as heat / power sources).

The W2590ET HeatWave Electro-Thermal Simulator includes both transient and steady-state thermal solvers that work with third-party circuit simulators, and a user-interface for visualizing 3D thermal results. The high-capacity transient solver enables temperature versus time analysis.