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N9504A Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM) Scanner

Product Status: Retiré du marché | Support disponible
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Key Features & Specifications

  • Wide range of current sensitivity provides guaranteed atomic resolution imaging of conducting surfaces
  • Designed for imaging in ambient, controlled gas, or in a fluid environment
  • Top-down configuration protects electronics and piezo elements from damage caused by harsh imaging environments
  • Full compatibility with Keysight’s modular AFM/SPM microscopes offers simple upgrade path for extended capabilities
  • Easy fluid exchange permits greater EC-STM versatility


Scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) is a scanning probe microscopy (SPM) imaging technique that takes advantage of the extreme distance sensitivity of the tunneling current between two conducting electrodes. By measuring the tunnel-current variations as a probe is scanned over a sample’s surface, STM is able to deliver the highest resolution SPM images.

The STM scanner is designed to deliver outstanding results on a variety of conducting materials. This low-current and ultra-low current STM scanner provides stable imaging at pico-ampere and sub-pico-ampere currents to resolve individual atoms and molecules. Over the past twenty years, Keysight STM scanners have delivered superior research results and have consistently outperformed other STM scanners in achieving the best atomic resolution within the shortest time.