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Multi-Channel Antenna Calibration, Reference Solution

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Key Features & Specifications


  • Up to 40+ digitizer channels measured in parallel that provides 8-10x improvement in antenna calibration time
  • Phase coherent sampling across input channels that improves calibration and beam-forming
  • DDC for narrow-band measurements that optimizes sample rate and improves amplitude and phase sensitivity
  • Measurement throughput with up to 1 M narrow-band measurements per second (40 channels)


  • Frequency range, DC to 40 GHz
  • Narrow-band analysis BW (with DDC), 300 MHz to < 1 kHz, adjustable, nominal
  • Non-decimated BW, 600 MHz, nominal
  • Ch-Ch phase coherence < 1 degree, nominal

Measurement applications and software

  • Includes software focused on narrow-band, cross-channel magnitude and phase measurements, a GUI for reference solution evaluation, and source code for customization and integration into an antenna test range.
  • Reference solution system software provides setup and control of the “M9703A AXIe 12-bit High-Speed Digitizer/Wideband Digital Receiver” (including DDC), channel acquisition, cross-channel analysis with visualization plots, and data export capabilities.
  • Use the optional 89600 VSA software to extend capability for wide-band signal analysis and provide seamless control of the M9703A digitizer (including DDC) and multi-channel support (up to 8-channels). It is particularly useful when more complete visualization is required with wide-band measurements.


The multi-channel antenna test reference solution is a combination of hardware, software, and measurement expertise providing the essential components of a narrow-band antenna calibration test system. This enables engineers to use, enhance, or modify the test system as required to meet specific test application needs including scalable channel count, options for downconversion of antenna receive channels, selectable analysis BW, and choice of RF/microwave sources and LO. It can also be extended to wide-band measurements as needs change.

To facilitate evaluation and integration in your test environment, you can use supplied test code examples to set up receiver channels, including DDC, make phase and magnitude measurements, add channel-channel correction factors, and export measurements for post-processing.