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DSOXDVMCTR 3-digit digital voltmeter and 10-digit counter and totalizer for InfiniiVision 6000 X-Series

Product Status: Obsolete
This product is no longer available

No replacement found for this product.

Key Features & Specifications


  • Functions: ACrms, DC, DCrms, Frequency
  • Resolution: ACV/DCV: 3 digits, Counter Frequency: 5.5 digits
  • 100 times/ second measuring rate
  • Additional features include: Autoranging, range meters


  • Source: Analog channels or trigger qualified event
  • 10 digits resolution
  • Up to 3.5 GHz frequency
  • Measurements: Frequency, period, totalizer


The InfiniiVision 6000 X-Series offers an integrated 3-digit voltmeter (DVM) and 5-digit frequency counter inside the oscilloscopes. These measurements operate through the same probes as the oscilloscope channels; however, the measurements are de-coupled from the oscilloscope triggering system so that both the DVM and triggered oscilloscope measurements can be made with the same connection. The voltmeter results are always displayed, keeping these quick characterization measurements at your fingertips.

With the integrated 10-digit counter in the 6000 X-Series, you can see your measurements with the precision you would normally expect only from a standalone counter. It can count standalone events (totalize) and it can also monitor the number of trigger-condition-qualified events. If you are looking for the ultimate precision, you can connect your 6000 X-Series oscilloscope to your most trusted 10-MHz reference source to share a common 10-MHz clock.