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Typical Configuration  

Typical Configuration

AC68GPBU Upgrade - user installable GPIB interface board for AC6800 series AC sources


Prices for: Malaysia

* Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices shown are Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP).


The AC68GPBU is a user-installable GPIB interface module upgrade for Keysight AC6800 Series basic AC power sources.

  • Option available for the following models: AC6801B, AC6802B, AC6803B, AC6804B
  • Order as: AC68GPBU
  • Upgrade contents: GPIB module
  • Adjustments required: No
  • Additional requirements: No
  • Installed by, estimated installation time: Customer, 3 minutes

Note: Only one slot available for either AC68GPBU GPIB Interface or AC68BALGU Analog Control or AC68BFIU Fault Interrupt