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N4391AU Stand-alone Software

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N4391AU-450 Optical Modulation Analysis fixed perpetual License
N4391AU-451 Optical Modulation Analyzer Hardware Connection fixed perpetual License
N4391AU-CONF11 Upgrade of existing N4391A LIGHT Version to full featured SW Version
N4391AU-E02 Upgrade N4391A OMA Option 210 internal Local Oscillator (LO) to Option 220 internal LO, external LO Input and LO Out - Special
N4391AU-M33 Upgrade of customer-owned N4391A Testset with customer-owned Infiniium Oscilloscope 20, 25, or 33 GHz 80 GSa/s 4Ch (1x DSOX9xx04Q)
N4391AU-UG1 Upgrade OMA Software from Version 4.x to Version 5.x, fixed perpetual License
N4391AU-Z64 Upgrade of Customer N4391A OMA with N4391A-Z63 Infinium Scope 63 GHz (1x DSOZ634A) to N4391A-Z64 two Infinium Scopes 63 GHz (2x DSOZ634A)
89601B-200 Basic vector signal analysis and hardware connectivity, transportable license
89601B-AYA Vector modulation analysis, transportable license

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