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Key Features & Specifications

Signal analysis

  • LTE FDD per 3GPP standard
  • Single carrier downlink (OFDMA) and uplink (SC-FDMA) RF transmitter measurements; analog baseband measurements with PXA or MXA BBIQ hardware
  • Analysis of all LTE channels and signals: C-RS, UE-RS, MBSFN-RS, P-RS, P-SS,S-SS, PBCH, PCFICH, PHICH, PDCCH, PDSCH, PMCH, PUCCH, PUSCH, PRACH, SRS, and DM-RS
  • Runs inside PXA, MXA, and EXA signal analyzers and VXT PXIe vector transceivers with Windows 7 operating system (standard)


  • Base station (eNB): EVM, frequency error, DL RS Power, time alignment error, RSTP, RSRP, OSTP, SEM, ACLR and more
  • User equipment (UE): EVM, frequency error, I/Q offset, spectrum flatness, in-band emissions, transmit on/off power, SEM, ACLR and more
  • Transport layer channel decoding: access to demapped, deinterleaved, descrambled, deratematched and decoded data
  • Multiple color coded result views: EVM vs. subcarrier, EVM vs. symbol, EVM vs. slot, EVM vs. resource block (RB), detected allocations (subcarrier vs. symbol), error summary table, frame summary table and more

Other features

  • Windows 7 operating system is required in order to use this option
  • License key upgradeable
  • Fixed and transportable license available; works with existing N9080A-1FP/1TP license
  • SCPI remote user interface


Option 1FP enables you to perform single carrier LTE-FDD RF transmitter measurements on eNB and UE devices in time, frequency and modulation domains. Measurement setups are simplified with automatic detection of channels and signals. For eNB conformance testing, measurement is simplified by recalling E-TM presets according to 3GPP TS 36.141 specification.

LTE-Advanced FDD Option 2FP, is available for multi-carrier/carrier aggregation measurements.

This option can be added as a product upgrade.