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N9063A-MEU Analog Demodulation Minor Enhancement Update

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Minor enhancement update 

Minor enhancement update


Price: US$ 726

  • Latest enhancements to the analog demodulation measurement application for X-Series signal analyzers
US$ 726
N9063A-2FP Analog Demodulation Measurement application, fixed perpetual license US$ 4,855
N9063A-2TP Analog demodulation measurement application, transportable perpetual license US$ 6,311
N9063A-3FP FM stereo measurement application, fixed perpetual license US$ 3,124
N9063A-3TP FM stereo measurement applications, transportable perpetual liense US$ 4,061

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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  • N9063A analog demod quad view image N9063A Analog Demodulation Measurement Application 

    N9063A Analog Demodulation Measurement Application

    • Display modulation metrics: AM depth, FM/PM deviation, THD, SINAD, FM Stereo
    • Analyze analog modulated signals with a selection of detectors: Peak+, Peak-, (Pk-Pk)/2 & RMS
    • Play the modulating signal over a speaker