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Typical Configuration  

Typical Configuration

N2849A InfiniiMax QuickTip extra tips


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Key Features & Specifications

Bandwidth with QuickTip head

  • Up to 16 GHz with InfiniiMax III amp
  • Up to 13 GHz with InfiniiMax III+ amp
  • Up to 12 GHz with InfiniiMax II amp (1169B)

InfiniiMode with InfiniiMax III+ amp, differential probing with InfiniiMax I/II/III amp

Compatible with N2848A for InfiniiMax II/III+ amps, N2851A for InfiniiMax I/II amps

Set of 4 tips


The N2848A/49A QuickTip offers the industry’s first magnetically-engaged probe head and tip for a quick and secure connection, pushing the usability to the next level. The N2848A QuickTip probe head quickly snaps to the N2849A probe tip, utilizing magnets to connect to the two sides of the differential signal and ground. Multiple N2849A probe tips can be installed on a DUT, allowing quick and reliable measurement of many probe points. The QuickTip supports the InfiniiMode probing when used with the InfiniiMax III+ probe amp and supports differential probing with the InfiniiMax I/II/III probe amp.