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DSOX6USBSQ USB 2.0 Signal Quality Test Option for InfiniiVision 6000 X-Series Oscilloscopes

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Typical Configuration  

Typical Configuration

DSOX6USBSQ USB 2.0 pre-compliance test analysis software, fixed perpetual license


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Key Features & Specifications

  • Pass/fail test comparison standards based on low-speed, full-speed, hi-speed, far-end, near-end, hub, host, and device specifications
  • Real-time eye test
  • Consecutive, paired JK, and paired KJ jitter
  • Sync test
  • Cross-over voltage (low- and full-speed only)
  • EOP bit-width
  • Signaling rate
  • Edge monotonicity
  • Rise/fall edge rate
  • Edge rate match (low- and full-speed only)
  • HTML pass/fail report generation 


The low-speed, full-speed, and hi-speed USB 2.0 serial bus is used today for both traditional computer/PC applications and a broad range of embedded connectivity applications. For years, oscilloscopes have been the primary measurement tool used by electrical engineers to verify the signal integrity of their USB 2.0 serial bus designs. With the DSOX6USBSQ signal quality test option licensed on an InfiniiVision 6000 X-Series oscilloscope, you can now quickly verify the analog quality of your signals generated by USB hubs, hosts, and devices based on USB-IF compliance standards.

For low-speed and full-speed USB 2.0 applications, this measurement option works on all InfiniiVision 6000 X-Series 2- and 4-channel DSO and MSO models. For hi-speed USB 2.0 applications, a 4-channel, 2.5-GHz (or higher) bandwidth model is required.