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Key Features & Specifications

Key features of WaferPro Express 2014.04 

  • Turnkey test DC, CV and RF algorithms for CMOS, BJT and other major technologies.
  • Over 50 turnkey drivers for most common instruments, interfaces and operating systems.
  • Modern and intuitive user interface makes it easy to define a wafer map and test plan, including a configurable device table.
  • Full support for DC measurements with probe cards and switch matrix.
  • Fully integrated in the Keysight device modeling flow. Data can easily be exported to modeling platforms such as IC-CAP, Model Builder Program (MBP) and Model Quality Assurance (MQA).
  • Optimized for Cascade Microtech Nucleus prober control software; supports a variety of probers.
  • Advanced Data Display and Wafer Data Mapping viewer.
  • SQL Database for handling high volume data.
  • Python*/PEL** programming for data monitoring and post-processing as well as measurement drivers implementation.

* Programming Extraction Language (PEL) is a Keysight’s interpreted language used by the IC-CAP Platform
** Python Programming Language 


WaferPro ExpressIntroducing WaferPro Express 2014.04

WaferPro Express is a new software platform specifically designed to efficiently execute automated wafer-level measurements.

The integration of measurement equipment, such as benchtop instruments, wafer probers and thermal chucks can be very challenging and time consuming. By providing a unified measurement platform that controls the various pieces of software, WaferPro Express helps to reduce the system complexity and simplifies the everyday task of setting up and executing test plans to analyze measured data. WaferPro Express drives Keysight (and select non-Keysight) instruments as well as prober control software (including temperature control), and provides powerful data handling and display capabilities. WaferPro-Express’ modern and intuitive user interface enables test engineers to reduce the necessary steps to setup the system for automated measurements.

WaferPro Express is also a key component of Wafer-level Measurement Solutions (WMS) from Keysight Technologies and Cascade Microtech. WMS include Keysight instruments and software as well as Cascade Microtech wafer probers, accessories and software. WMS are pre-validated to minimize the time to first measurement and are optimized for accurate and repeatable device and component characterization. WMS delivers guaranteed system configuration, installation and support. To find out more about WMS, refer to Wafer-level Measurement Solutions – Cascade Microtech.

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