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N9071A-MEU GSM/EDGE/Evo Minor Enhancement Update

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Update your existing GSM/EDGE/Evo measurement application with the same latest enhancements included with new application purchases.

Note: New application purchases do not require the purchase of this update.

This update provides:

  • A license redemption entitlement certificate to enable all available software enhancements
  • Activation of the latest enhancements for the current and previous versions of the software at the time of redemption
  • Compatibility with both fixed and transportable applications

Determine which minor enhancements are available by checking the instrument licensing system for information on the licenses listed below.

Known software issue resolutions are available at no charge and do not require purchase of this option.

Release Date Software Version Enhancement License(s) Minor Enhancements
18-Aug-2016 A.18.05 N9071A-CFP
  • Additional result value in ORFS with total power and MC BTS Class with option 3FP
1-July-2015 A.16.05 N9071A-BFP
  • Supporting GSM multi-carrier ORFS test limit exception
01-May-2014 A.14.04 EXA
A.14.03 MXA
A.14.04 PXA
  • Operating band span extension setting improved for GSM/EDGE Tx Band Spur measurement
  • Limit Exception function update on MCBTS ORFS for EDGE Evo
01-Nov-2012 A.11.03 N9071A-AFP
  • Reference power Max Hold in output RF spectrum (ORFS) due to switching measurement

This option can be added as a product upgrade.