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U3024AH10 40 GHz, 10-Port Mechanical Switch Test Set

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The Keysight U3024AH10 is a 10-Port, 40 GHz mechanical switch test set that can be configured for high power measurements. The test set adds ten test ports to a 2- or 4-port N5244A or N5245A for a 12-port or 14-port network analyzer solution. The PNA-X with Option 551 provides N-port calibration and full cross bar measurement capability. The U3024AH10 can be “stacked” with a 4-port PNA-X for a 24-port network analyzer solution.

The U3024AH10 mechanical switches provide low insertion loss for the best dynamic range performance, but have slower switching speed and limited life when compared to solid-state switches. The operational frequency range of the extension test set is 10 MHz to 40 GHz.

The U3024AH10 requires a network analyzer with Test Set I/O interface for operational control. An external personal computer is not required.