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W8581BP WaferPro Express Core Measurement and Programming Bundle

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Typical Configuration  

Typical Configuration

W8581BP WaferPro Express Core Measurement and Programming bundle software license

  • R-35E-001-A Node-locked license
  • R-36E-001-L 12 months upgrades and support - node-locked


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Key Features & Specifications

The W8581BP WaferPro Express Core Measurement and Programming Bundle includes:

  • A modern and intuitive user interface to setup automated wafer measurements
  • Over 50 turnkey measurement drivers
  • An advanced data display, wafer data mapping viewer and SQL database
  • Python and PEL programming
  • Support for Cascade Microtech wafer probers


WaferPro ExpressThe W8581BP WaferPro Express Core Measurement and Programming Bundle includes all the capabilities of the W8580BP Core Measurement Bundle and adds the ability to further customize tests by using Python and PEL programming. The W8581BP also adds the ability to run tests in virtual or simulation mode. The table below illustrates the key feature components included with the bundle. The bundle includes the user interface environment, including the wafer map environment, the data display, and the SQL Database. All the instrument drivers and their capabilities are included. Drivers for Cascade Microtech probers are also included. Please see the product brochure for details about supported instruments, wafer probers, thermal chucks and switch matrixes.

Measured data are either saved to ASCII format or to SQL Database. Both of these formats are fully compatible with Keysight Device Modeling products Integrated Circuit Characterization & Analysis Program (IC-CAP), Model Builder Program (MBP) and Model Quality Analysis (MQA).

The turnkey measurement routines cover typical DC, CV and RF tests for most standard devices such as MOSFET, BJT, FET, and DIODE devices. New test routines can be created and saved in the library via the user interface (UI). Further routine customization can be achieved with the programming environment. The programming environment supports two programming languages: PEL and Python. The Programming Extraction Language (PEL) has been used by IC-CAP users for decades to implement custom data processing and parameter extraction methodologies. Its syntax rules are similar to Basic and is relatively simple to learn and use. IC-CAP users can directly import their programs into WaferPro Express. The Python programing language is one of the most powerful and industry-wide used interpreted languages. It includes powerful libraries for data processing and display. For more info about Python, please visit 
The programming language allows WaferPro Express users to customize test routines by enabling data processing (e.g. RF de-embedding) and checking (e.g. check for noisy or faulty data). Custom drivers or special measurement algorithms can also be implemented using either Python or PEL.

A useful capability included with the W8581BP is the ability to run the test plan in virtual or simulated mode. If a Spice3 model card or sub-circuit for a device under test (DUT) is specified (e.g. a MOSFET or BJT), the program can run the measurement in simulation/virtual mode where measured results are replaced by simulation results. This is very useful when designing new test routines that include programs since the majority of the routine development, debug and test can be done using virtual mode in the comfort of your office, leaving the test station in the lab available for running measurements.

DC Measurement test systems such as those including the B1500A Semiconductor Device Parameter Analyzer (Characterization System) Mainframe/EasyEXPERT and the B2200A fA Leakage Switch Mainframe and a probe card are fully supported by this bundle. The Keysight 4070/4080 Parametric Test Systems are not supported in WaferPro Express, please see the W8510EP IC-CAP Wafer Professional if you need to control these systems.

Support for non-Cascade Microtech probers can be enabled by purchasing the W8585EP Add-on product.

W8581BP WaferPro Express Core Measurement and Programming Bundle
Features W8581BP
UI Environment, including wafer mapping and test plan setting tools Included
DC / CV / RF / TD turnkey measurements and test plan execution Included
Turnkey GBIB instrument connectivity and drivers* Included
Data Display and wafer map distribution Included
Test configuration and setup via UI Included
Cascade Microtech support* Included
SQL Database Included
Python and PEL programming environment Included
Virtual Test Plan Simulation (Spice3 only) Included
W8585EP WaferPro Express Expanded Probers Support* Optional

Note: The model numbers on this page reflect node-locked perpetual licenses (BP/EP suffix). Subscription or Time-based (BT/ET suffix) and Floating license configurations are also available.

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