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E7630A LTE/LTE-Advanced Lab Application

Product Status: Discontinued | Currently Supported
This product is no longer available

A replacement for this product is available:

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  • no image available E7530A LTE/LTE-Advanced Test Application 

    E7530A LTE/LTE-Advanced Test Application

    • Use with E7515A UXM wireless test set
    • Ensure LTE/LTE-A devices meet latest RF requirements
    • Wring out designs with integrated fading, flexible Rx test, trusted X-Series measurements

  • no image available UXM Test and Lab Applications 

    UXM Test and Lab Applications

    • Installed on E7515A UXM wireless test set
    • Test application for RF design validation
    • Lab application for RF and functional design validation

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  • no image available E7515A UXM Wireless Test Set 

    E7515A UXM Wireless Test Set

    • Functional and RF design validation of latest chipsets and UE designs
    • LTE-A Pro 1Gbps DL data throughput
    • Carrier aggregation, 8x4 DL MIMO, integrated fading
    • Extensible, architecture, versatile touch screen

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