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Key Features & Specifications

The ADS Data Display Element includes:

  • Graphical display of simulation results, with a full set of plot types, trace types, and annotation of plots and traces, to better understand design performance
  • Storage and retrieval of previous simulation results for viewing and comparison to ongoing design simulations
  • View and manipulate data in custom equations and expressions
  • Auto scaling (for data fit) and marker features allow users to isolate and review data points quickly.
  • Fast Draft Mode for quick display of large datasets (>20K Points)
  • On-screen editing
  • Multiple Pages, Multiple Axes
  • Automatically display with templates


The W2391ET is the time-based license option for the W2391EP ADS Data Display Element.

To learn more about the W2391EP, click the Options & Accessories tab above to view Related Software Products.

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