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Key Features & Specifications

The ADS Data Display Element includes:

  • Graphical display of simulation results, with a full set of plot types, trace types, and annotation of plots and traces, to better understand design performance
  • Storage and retrieval of previous simulation results for viewing and comparison to ongoing design simulations
  • View and manipulate data in custom equations and expressions
  • Auto scaling (for data fit) and marker features allow users to isolate and review data points quickly.
  • Fast Draft Mode for quick display of large datasets (>20K Points)
  • On-screen editing
  • Multiple Pages, Multiple Axes
  • Automatically display with templates


The W2391EP ADS Data Display Element enables you to view simulation results either graphically, as they would appear on analyzers or other instruments, or as raw data. Expression based, post-processing capabilities provide designers with complete data manipulation flexibility.

Time-based results can be viewed as the simulation progresses, and the simulation can be stopped to capture results or change design and simulation parameters. The feature rich data display capabilities greatly enhance your ability to quickly analyze and improve almost any circuit or system.

Plots in Data DisplayData Display Graphs can be customized with a choice of markers, colors, line styles, and captions. Portions of plots can be instantly enlarged, and multiple data display windows can access the same data file, giving you the ability to simultaneously look at your data in several different ways. Color, symbol or line type differentiation can be selected for swept traces.

Individual plots and equations can be activated or deactivated in order to save time by only simulating or evaluating and updating the measurements and graphs of interest. Activation and deactivation is easily selected via the display toolbar or from a right button mouse click.

Plot types include rectangular (with multiple x- and y-axes), polar, Smith (including impedance, admittance, and impedance plus admittance), stacked rectangular (multiple y-axes overlaid onto one x-axis), and listing columns.

Trace types include line, scatter, histogram, digital, spectral, and "bus trace" (display of binary data for a whole bus, up to 128 bits width).

Both plots and traces allow choice of line thickness, color, and line style. Plots can be annotated with a full range of drawing elements, including lines, rectangles, circles, text, polygons, and polylines.

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