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Key Features & Specifications

  • Pre-configured standard-compliant LTE-A test bench
  • Enables design optimization against system-level performance, such as EVM, ACPR, and BER
  • Shareable for use in Advanced Design System (ADS) and with GoldenGate


The W2390EP LTE-A Verification Test Bench Element provides access to the corresponding LTE-A Baseband Verification Library from SystemVue for use as a pre-defined test bench in ADS or with GoldenGate. It enables circuit designers to easily validate circuit performance against standard-compliant waveforms and measurements such as EVM/ACLR in transmitters, or sensitivity/desensitization in receivers. The latest wireless standards such as LTE-A are difficult to budget at the circuit level, and require simulation using the actual standard-compliant modulated signals in order to fully capture third order nonlinearities, AM/AM and AM/PM distortions, spectral regrowth, and memory effects. Optimizing the design against standard-compliant waveforms and measurements identifies marginal designs earlier, as well as overdesigns that add costly, unnecessary die area or current consumption.