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Key Features & Specifications

  • Enables access to high-performance dataflow simulation engine to simulate a pre-configured, standard-compliant test bench
  • Enables design optimization against system-level performance, such as EVM, ACPR, and BER
  • Shareable for use in Advanced Design System (ADS) and with GoldenGate


The W2381EP VTB Engine Element provides access to the SystemVue high-performance dataflow simulation engine and to simulate pre-defined standard-compliant test benches in ADS or with GoldenGate to easily validate circuit performance against modulated metrics such as EVM, BER, or ACPR. The VTB Engine enables circuit designers to easily validate circuit performance against standard-compliant waveforms and measurements such as EVM/ACLR in transmitters, or sensitivity/desensitization in receivers. Latest wireless standards such as LTE, LTE-Advanced (4G) or 802.11ac (WLAN) are difficult to budget at the circuit level, and require simulation using the actual standard-compliant modulated signals in order to fully capture third order nonlinearities, AM/AM and AM/PM distortions, spectral regrowth, and memory effects. Optimizing the design against standard-compliant waveforms and measurements identifies marginal designs earlier, as well as overdesigns that add costly, unnecessary die area or current consumption.

Besides the use of pre-defined standard-compliant test benches, the user can also create custom test benches in SystemVue and use them in ADS or with GoldenGate.

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